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Cracked Earth

Our Work

At Found Object Media, we create immersive group learning adventures in rich, 3D environments. We specialize in short-form (15-35 minute) deep dives into fascinating, nonfiction topics. We live at the intersection of education, entertainment and data visualization. 

We sometimes refer to these immersive experiences as “field trips” or “mini-museums.” Similar to Kurzgesagt and TED Talks, we aim to make short-form content that’s both profound, and snack-able. Our experiences are adopted from books, articles and museum exhibits.  We start with subject matter that is already profound and we make it tangible, immersive, and PLAYFUL. 

We are constantly updating how we blend education, impact, and high-end entertainment. We love this work. 



Antarctica 2054

This is a story-driven, immersive adventure available on SPATIAL. In Antarctica 2054, three research sites, all more than 100 miles apart, go offline within hours of each other. You've been sent with several other investigators to find out why. Learn about real Antarctic research as you uncover the keys to this chilling mystery.  Playthrough the Prologue here:



This is a 10-20min immersive education experience, with plenty of player interactions. CRISPR is a turning point for life on planet earth. Its implications are still unknown. We shrink a group of players down to the cellular level and take them on an adventure through the different parts of the CRISPR gene-editing process. It's one thing to read about CRISPR... it's another to edit genes yourself. 



The Future of Energy

This is a 15min immersive education experience, with strong player interactions. Perfect energy conversion means that 100% of an object’s mass is converted into energy. Our best methods of energy conversion today yield less than 1% conversion efficiency. This VR experience allows players to step into the world of energy to play with these far-out concepts. This experience is adopted from Max Tegmark's book, Life 3.0.

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